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Troy Pet Sitting, Mary Jo and Kelly Will Show Love to Your Four Legged Souls

noir and me his bday 2012

our 3 black dogs

our 3 black dogs

Hey if you live in the Troy, Mi., you have great pet sitters and walkers. Call  Mary Jo and Kelly to get a caring and great team to care for your 4 legged souls.    http://troypetsitting.com/

Troy Pet Sitting
The Kennel Alternative
Serving: Birmingham, Bloomfield, Clawson, Rochester, Shelby, Sterling Heights, Troy and Utica
Troy Pet Sitting Code of Ethics: We realize your pet is a member of your family we take the responsibility of caring for them seriously.

ur promise We will treat your pet as if it were our own. We will be honest and trustworthy. We will be reliable. We will treat your home and property with respect and care.
Why You Should Choose Troy Pet Sitting? Safe and reliable service Individualized attention Bonded & Insured Reasonable Rates References available upon request Loving, personal, attention No need for extra vaccinations (which Kennels require)


Concrete For A Cause Purchase Art and Help a Cause

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facebook (Photo credit: sitmonkeysupreme)

Please see our stones on Ebay under seller Id  concrete for a cause. See our Facebook page concrete for a cause. Help different cause such as The Wounded Warrior Project, rescues like Dogs For The Deaf and Puffy Paws.  Ask how we can help raise funds for your cause, rescue, passion. Please see our sister blog Taking On A Cause on wordpress.com



Poodle and Pooch Rescue Saves Dogs Like Winston Who Was Neglected !Please Donate Even A Dollar to Help ! Please Share!

WINSTONhttp://www.poodleandpoochrescue.org/save_a_dog               Severly neglected Winston now has a second change at life, thankfully to the rescue “Poodle and Pooch” in Florida. PLEASE DONATE THRU PAYPAL TO THIS GREAT RESCUE. I saw this great rescue on Facebook. I saw this little soul Winston and thought I can help him. Those of you who know me, know that myself and my husband Tom help many rescues both locally and nation wide. I want to put a face on who we help, and who we ask you to help! Please share this and please get the word out to save “Winston”. Please see his story below. Please donate via paypal by going to following link below. http://www.poodleandpoochrescue.org/save_a_dogPoodle and Pooch Rescue-Save a Dog



Unsung Heros, I Love The Vet Techs of The World. Please Show Them The Appreciation They Deserve!

Vet Techs and Vet Assistants thankyou for caring for our 4 legged souls and helping your hospitals save rescues.


Please purchase memorial stones on Ebay to help rescues

Please purchase memorial stones on Ebay to help rescues

Human Heros Saving 4 Legged Souls-Taren Jean Wilson, First Hero, In New Categorie!

Taren Jean Wilson is a lover of cats! Taren saved two feral cats, last year. The one kitty Taren saved she found a home for The other kitty very sick she made a home for.  Mitya, my grandkitty and Taren’s son-kitty has been a challenge of love and time and money.  Today Mitya is thriving,  and this due to the  love of Taren.  I am proud of her in so many ways, this is one way that is so special. Taren, believes when you take on a 4 legged soul as a family member, you stick with them literaly thru thick and thin!

Please help a feral cat rescue. 

Mitya and Kittties

Taren and Kitties

http://www.feralcatrescuemd.org/   Please Donate!

Taren Wilson Kitty Love This is For You, Please see Concrete for a Cause on Ebay To Help Puffy Paws!

Cat If Love could of march 2012 004Comic Cat TarenThis is so true! LOL PLEASE SUPPORT PUFFY PAWS KITTY HAVEN, Englewood, Fl. They rescue kitties of al kings even very sick kitties!

Suncoast Humane Society Of Englewood, Fl. Needs Food For Its Pet Pantry I Bet Your Favorite Pet Rescue Does Too!

Please check your local pet rescue and see if you can help the pantry that gives food to those going thru a tough time and need the help so they can hang on to their four-legged family members. The Suncoast Humane Society will take any kind soft or hard any manufacturer! Purina, and  or generic just unopened! Maybe you could go to a Pet Food site and print off  a coupon and buy something your shelter needs! Those of you who have lost a dear four-legged family member if you have any un opened food please give it in their honor if you can.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    $1.00 off   

 Example on the Purina site that has a coupon.

when you buy any ONE (1) package of Fancy Feast® Gourmet Dry Cat Food, any variety

Fancy Feast®

when you buy any ONE (1) package of Fancy Feast® Gourmet

Senior Cats, How To Care For Them! I Love Rescues Who Care For Senior Cats and Sick Cats Most Rescues Will Not Accept! Like Puffy Paws Of Englewood, Fl. My Home Town, Please Support Them !!!

100_0941SENIOR CAT RESCUEAmerican Profile Magazine’s article this weekend. link americanprofile.com

TOGETHER SHAPING THE FUTURE ONE DAY AT A TIME Crunching numbers over here at Puffy Paws. Due to the hard economic times and at the same time …



Senior Dog Rescue: Adopting an Older Dog

See Story Link by


Please gardendeco914 on Ebay to buy pet memorials to help rescues.

Many times people are afraid to adopt an older dog – not because they don’t like them, or are afraid of any extra care or money that might be needed – but because of how soon they might lose them. But death is a part of life. Imagine giving a senior dog a loving, secure, and happy retirement home for whatever time he has left. His life, and yours, will be richer for it.

The Benefits of Adopting an Older Dog

  • Calmer temperaments. Older dogs are less likely to have that crazy puppy energy that can challenge even the most patient of pet owners! Senior dogs often enjoy just hanging out with their people or going for quiet walks.
  • What you see is what you get. You know how big the dog is going to get (he’s already full grown) and you know his temperament.
  • Many older dogs are already good house pets. They’re housetrained, know what they should (or shouldn’t) chew, and are happy to find a soft place to nap. And they’re happy to share their nap time with their people, too.
  • You give a deserving dog a loving home. Every animal needs love, even older ones. They still have lots of love to give and deserve a family that will return that love.

Homes Suitable for Older Dogs

There’s no easy answer to figuring out what kind of home is best suited to a senior dog. Senior dogs’ personalities and abilities are as varied as younger dogs (and people)! Some of the things to consider, though, include:

  • Easy access around the house. It’s easier for older dogs with joint or mobility problems if they don’t have to navigate a lot of steep stairs. There are ways around this, of course – many companies these days manufacture ramps that will help dogs climb onto their favorite couches, beds, etc.
  • Quieter household. Young, rambunctious children or dogs (or other pets) might not be the best fit for a senior dog that enjoys his sleep!
  • Families willing and able to care for an older pet. This includes time, effort, and finances. Many dogs live to a ripe old age, happy, active, and with only minor health issues. However, if the aging process starts to catch up with the pooch, his family should be willing and able to put in the extra effort and money into his care.

Say It Ain’t So! Statistics Show, Black Cats and Dogs Are Less Likely To Be Adopted!

noir and me his bday 20120110101623MAY 2 2012 105100_0891Global Animal Blog features a blog article on the black cat and dog adoption challenge.   See the following link! statistics show


There are many reasons that people do not adopt a black cat or dog. One reason is that they are superstitious. Really? Wow, not adopting a four-legged family member due to the color of their skin is just simply well silly!

My family has rescued many a black four-legged soul. The following our pictures of some of the souls we have adopted.our 3 black dogs

our 3 black dogs