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The Mystic Sea, In Englewood Florida, Now Carry Motivational and Inspirational Stones By Concrete For A Cause!

Purchase our stones at The Mystic Sea

Purchase our stones at The Mystic Sea

Our stones available in 3 sizes and a variety of colors!photo (11)

Mind * Body * Spirit

‘Mystic See is a sacred place to come to             “Let It Be” while offering the tools             for self empowerment.  – Lynne Kloss Owner


Spiritually Experiencing Life Fully               Nurture your Body               Expressing the Love we are by caring for our human bodies.               Enlighten our Mind               Expanding our understanding of All That Is and               transforming our life experience through the awareness ofthe power of our thoughts.               Live in Spirit               We ARE               Aware of the Reality Expressing the truth of who we are in all moments. We are Spiritual Beings having a human experience.               Chardin….             Let’s Go for It!

Mystic See offers:

We at Mystic See honor the Universal Unconditional Consciousness that IS.

We know, precious ones, this Presence within all.

Our intention, classes, meditations and events reflect this Knowing.

We hold truly to the understanding that the Power is within all of us.

We invite you to continue to explore and experience the deepest truth within  each of us.

We are one.

We are loved, loveable and loving,

We are indeed Spirit manifesting All That Is in this humanity.


Come and experience our Garden

Upcoming Events

Classes with Patty Ruth               Meditations at Mystic See on Thursdays

Mystic See

  • 411 W.Dearborn Street                 Englewood FL                 941.473.3816

    • Holiday Hours:
    • OPEN                   Sunday, Dec. 22nd, 12 -4pm Monday, Dec. 23rd and Tuesday, Dec.24, 10am-5pm                   Dec. 27th,28th and 30th, 10am-5pm                   CLOSED                   Christmas Day, Dec. 25th and Dec.26th                   New Years Eve, Dec. 31st and New Years Day, Jan1st.

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Address: 411 West Dearborn St. Englewood FL Telephone:941.473.3816
E-mail: email@mysticsee.net


Poodle and Pooch Rescue Saves Dogs Like Winston Who Was Neglected !Please Donate Even A Dollar to Help ! Please Share!

WINSTONhttp://www.poodleandpoochrescue.org/save_a_dog               Severly neglected Winston now has a second change at life, thankfully to the rescue “Poodle and Pooch” in Florida. PLEASE DONATE THRU PAYPAL TO THIS GREAT RESCUE. I saw this great rescue on Facebook. I saw this little soul Winston and thought I can help him. Those of you who know me, know that myself and my husband Tom help many rescues both locally and nation wide. I want to put a face on who we help, and who we ask you to help! Please share this and please get the word out to save “Winston”. Please see his story below. Please donate via paypal by going to following link below. http://www.poodleandpoochrescue.org/save_a_dogPoodle and Pooch Rescue-Save a Dog



Garden Gators Life Like Gators

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Alligator laying flat on ground,r  Garden Gator sale will benefit e wounded warrior project, $5.00 will be donated