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Please Support No Kill Manatee County! ADOPTION EVENT JULY 27TH 2013! Please Tell 3 Friends and They Tell 3 Friends!

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    Support NO-KILL Manatee County (FLORIDA) is a group
    ***ALERT***BREAKING NEWS****  We have an ADOPTION EVENT ON JULY 27!!!  It is being planned by Marci Baker, and we have nearly two weeks to advertise the event.  We need lots of help and need to get as many dogs/cats out of the shelter and i…n a GOOD HOME to SAVE their lives.  Flyers will be available soon in English & Spanish.  Send us a PM or post on the thread, if you want to help or have any ideas. More
    Please keep July 27th (Saturday) from 10-4 open as I am putting together an emergency adoption event at the manatee county animal control in Palmetto.  If 25 dogs are not adopted they may be put to sleep.  I KNOW all my friends are animal l…overs so if you can help out please let me know and I will post updates as I get them.  Lets see how good the power of social networking truly is and save these dogs! Event will be held Saturday July 27th from 10-4 at Manatee County Animal Services 305  25 Street West Palmetto, Florida  34221 941-742-5933See More


Senior Dog Rescue: Adopting an Older Dog

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Many times people are afraid to adopt an older dog – not because they don’t like them, or are afraid of any extra care or money that might be needed – but because of how soon they might lose them. But death is a part of life. Imagine giving a senior dog a loving, secure, and happy retirement home for whatever time he has left. His life, and yours, will be richer for it.

The Benefits of Adopting an Older Dog

  • Calmer temperaments. Older dogs are less likely to have that crazy puppy energy that can challenge even the most patient of pet owners! Senior dogs often enjoy just hanging out with their people or going for quiet walks.
  • What you see is what you get. You know how big the dog is going to get (he’s already full grown) and you know his temperament.
  • Many older dogs are already good house pets. They’re housetrained, know what they should (or shouldn’t) chew, and are happy to find a soft place to nap. And they’re happy to share their nap time with their people, too.
  • You give a deserving dog a loving home. Every animal needs love, even older ones. They still have lots of love to give and deserve a family that will return that love.

Homes Suitable for Older Dogs

There’s no easy answer to figuring out what kind of home is best suited to a senior dog. Senior dogs’ personalities and abilities are as varied as younger dogs (and people)! Some of the things to consider, though, include:

  • Easy access around the house. It’s easier for older dogs with joint or mobility problems if they don’t have to navigate a lot of steep stairs. There are ways around this, of course – many companies these days manufacture ramps that will help dogs climb onto their favorite couches, beds, etc.
  • Quieter household. Young, rambunctious children or dogs (or other pets) might not be the best fit for a senior dog that enjoys his sleep!
  • Families willing and able to care for an older pet. This includes time, effort, and finances. Many dogs live to a ripe old age, happy, active, and with only minor health issues. However, if the aging process starts to catch up with the pooch, his family should be willing and able to put in the extra effort and money into his care.

Say It Ain’t So! Statistics Show, Black Cats and Dogs Are Less Likely To Be Adopted!

noir and me his bday 20120110101623MAY 2 2012 105100_0891Global Animal Blog features a blog article on the black cat and dog adoption challenge.   See the following link! statistics show 

There are many reasons that people do not adopt a black cat or dog. One reason is that they are superstitious. Really? Wow, not adopting a four-legged family member due to the color of their skin is just simply well silly!

My family has rescued many a black four-legged soul. The following our pictures of some of the souls we have adopted.our 3 black dogs

our 3 black dogs


“Rescue Of The Day” and “Oh So True”! New Categories Now On Concrete For A Cause! Tanners P.A.W.S SEE LINK-

This happens especially when you rescue old souls!

This happens especially when you rescue old souls! See this link for a great rescue! See gardendeco914 on for ways to contribute to animal rescues, and great causes!!!