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Human Heros Saving 4 Legged Souls-Taren Jean Wilson, First Hero, In New Categorie!

Taren Jean Wilson is a lover of cats! Taren saved two feral cats, last year. The one kitty Taren saved she found a home for The other kitty very sick she made a home for.  Mitya, my grandkitty and Taren’s son-kitty has been a challenge of love and time and money.  Today Mitya is thriving,  and this due to the  love of Taren.  I am proud of her in so many ways, this is one way that is so special. Taren, believes when you take on a 4 legged soul as a family member, you stick with them literaly thru thick and thin!

Please help a feral cat rescue. 

Mitya and Kittties

Taren and Kitties   Please Donate!


I Love A Great Rescue! The Animal Rescue Site! Please Donate Today!


I Love a Good RescueThey rescue all kinds of souls donate today!

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Please See Story On Ryder McConathy Gets His Dog Cacious, A Wheelchair See Story-

Human brother gets him a wheelchair

Human brother gets him a wheelchair Ryder McConathy, his dog is more than just a family pet; he’s like a  brother. So when the 8-year-old’s pooch developed a disability, the  caring kid was eager to do anything to help.

Ryder’s dog,  Cacious, was diagnosed with degenerative mylopathy last fall, which has  caused him to lose function in his hind legs, WLEX reported. To get  around, the disabled dog needed a costly wheelchair, so Ryder stepped up  and started selling colorful magnets and key chains to raise enough  money for the purchase.

He donated the extra funds to the Humane Society



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Cat If Love could of march 2012 004Comic Cat TarenThis is so true! LOL PLEASE SUPPORT PUFFY PAWS KITTY HAVEN, Englewood, Fl. They rescue kitties of al kings even very sick kitties!

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Cats and Their Hats. I Don’t Think This Is What Dr. Suess Meant!