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Huffington Post Features Story On Soldier Who’s Friend Gave Away His Dog While In Afghanistan! Please Help You Tell 3 People They Tell 3 People!

Soldier Whose Dog Was Given Away By A Friend During Deployment Turns To Craigslist For Help

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Posted: 07/29/2013 10:39 am EDT  |  Updated: 07/29/2013  9:05 pm EDT

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soldier's dog given away

A solider returned home from Afghanistan recently to find out that the “good friend” who was watching his dog had given the animal away. (Craigslist)

When 1st Lt. Brandon Harker returned home from Afghanistan recently, he discovered that the friend who was supposed to be watching his dog while he was deployed had given the animal away. Now, the solider has turned to Craigslist for help finding his beloved pet.

Harker got Oakley, a purebred yellow Labrador retriever, back in 2011 while he was based in Georgia, according to CNN. Last year, before heading off to Afghanistan, he handed Oakley over to a “good friend” to take care of while he was overseas.

“Every time, while I was gone, I asked about him,” Harker told CNN. His supposed friend would insist the dog was fine and was “acting like his regular self.”

“I’d ask for a picture every now and then,” he said. “But I never got any pictures sent to me.”

Once back in the states, he contacted his friend so he could pick up the pup. That is when Harker found out Oakley had been given away.

Harker confronted the friend, who said he “didn’t know” who he gave Oakley to, according to Washington news outlet KATU.

He decided to turn to social media for help finding his dog. Numerous people contacted him saying they had seen Oakley listed for sale in a February ad on Craigslist. The Joint Base Lewis-McChord solider has since been reaching out to local veterinarians and shelters as he searches for Oakley, who is micro-chipped and registered.

He implored for help in a Craigslist posting on July 24:

I just recently returned from a 9 month deployment. And upon arrival back into the area I found out my yellow labrador retriever was either given away or sold while I was gone. I was told this happened in May, but it could have happened anytime from February till June. He is good with kids and other dogs. He has a unique coat, on his face he has spots of a darker yellow (champagne) he also has spots of the same color going down his sides and legs. If anyone has any information on this and can help me please do. I am just trying to get him back to me since he was wrongfully given away or sold with out my permission while I was deployed. I will also be able to verify the dog is mine because he is micro-chipped and registered to me. Once again thank you to everyone who sees this and tries to help. If you could spread the word about this issues that would be great as well [all sic].

Harker told Seattle-based KING 5 he has “no idea” why his friend gave his dog away, adding, “I wish I knew.”

KING 5 reports the solider has not heard anything regarding the whereabouts of his pooch, despite his many postings. Various Facebook groups, like Dogs on Deployment, are trying to help locate the dog, BuzzFeed notes. The group is working to reach out to military members across the nation in an attempt to stop the sale of military pets on sites like Craigslist. This practice, done mainly because of deployment and military commitments, can be dangerous for the animals.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Harker through his Craiglist post.


Hero Really is a Hero. Service Dog Gets His Degree!! Wow!!!

Service dog sculpture at Metrotech Plaza in Br...

Service dog sculpture at Metrotech Plaza in Brooklyn-2 (Photo credit: Martha Garvey)

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign awarded an honorary master’s degree to Hero, a service dog who attended each one of his owner’s classes. More info:

Photo: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign awarded an honorary master's degree to Hero, a service dog who attended each one of his owner's classes.</p>

<p>More info:

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I Love The Rescue-“Leave No Paws Behind” They Saved Dogs So Matted They Could Not Move! From The Huffington Post!

Cruelty Investigation: Dogs So Matted They Couldn’t Move
Posted: 07/22/2013 10:29 am


One of the two dogs rescued from the Lancaster, Calif. shelter on July 14th couldn’t even wag his tail when he was rescued. “His fur was so severely matted, his tail was stuck to one side. He couldn’t even move it,” said Toby Wisneski, founder of Leave No Paws Behind, a dog rescue organization based in Los Angeles.

According to Lancaster Animal Control, Sgt. Rachel Montez-Kemp, Major Case Unit investigator, has launched a criminal investigation.

The Antelope Valley is the Wild West for dog dealers

Lancaster, a charter city in Los Angeles County, is well known to animal protection groups for having dozens of unlicensed puppy mills, hoarders and backyard breeders. The city does not  investigate dog dealers who apply for kennel licenses.

Land is inexpensive in the Antelope Valley and there are more restrictions on buying a scooter than a kennel license. Anyone can buy breeding dogs at auction (some go for as low as $10), open a puppy selling business and sell directly to the public via Internet.

Under current law, these “sell direct to the public” dog-dealing businesses exploit a legal loophole and are not subject to any state inspection program. There is no oversight to stop animal abusers from posing as “responsible breeders” on the Internet.


With winter temperatures dipping below freezing and summer temperatures soaring up to 114 degrees, breeding dogs suffer year-long in wire cages with no protection from the elements.

The Antelope Valley’s backyard breeders, hoarders and dog dealers have been on the radar of The Companion Animal Protection Society for a decade. The Lancaster shelter is overcrowded with unwanted animals and the department is forced to euthanize thousands of animals for space. The situation is so dire,  CAPS plans to petition the city of Lancaster for a spay /neuter ordinance and cap on the number of intact animals individuals are allowed to have.

An apparent administrative mix-up turned out to be a stroke of luck for the pair — a male and a female. “The officer said those dogs were never to be released,” said Toby Wisneski of Leave No Paws Behind. “They were to be held as evidence.  She told me to provide her with the results of an initial exam before they were shaved, and then a full vet exam after they were shaved.”


The female’s fur was full of excrement. “She was covered in urine burns,” said Wisneski.  “The officer asked me to look at their feet. Their feet? I can’t even find their feet!”


Dr. Hart, the veterinarian who examined the dogs, said they are underweight, undernourished and been confined their entire lives. She claimed it would take about two years for a dog to get to that kind of condition.

The dogs do not appear to be from a puppy mill as the female had been spayed. But questions remain about how many other animals might be similarly mistreated at the owner’s property.

2013-07-20-tink3.jpg“No one wants these animals in the shape they’re in,” said Ms. Wisneski. “When we recover them, that’s when they want them. Nobody sees the beautiful dog underneath the injuries. No one wants them until they’ve been transformed.  A lot of rescues don’t want to take dogs that are going to have medical issues. I take them sight unseen.”

The dogs are said to be “very sweet” despite their ordeal. They are recovering and are currently up for adoption with Leave No Paws Behind.

Please Support No Kill Manatee County! ADOPTION EVENT JULY 27TH 2013! Please Tell 3 Friends and They Tell 3 Friends!

  • Community
    Support NO-KILL Manatee County (FLORIDA) is a group
    ***ALERT***BREAKING NEWS****  We have an ADOPTION EVENT ON JULY 27!!!  It is being planned by Marci Baker, and we have nearly two weeks to advertise the event.  We need lots of help and need to get as many dogs/cats out of the shelter and i…n a GOOD HOME to SAVE their lives.  Flyers will be available soon in English & Spanish.  Send us a PM or post on the thread, if you want to help or have any ideas. More
    Please keep July 27th (Saturday) from 10-4 open as I am putting together an emergency adoption event at the manatee county animal control in Palmetto.  If 25 dogs are not adopted they may be put to sleep.  I KNOW all my friends are animal l…overs so if you can help out please let me know and I will post updates as I get them.  Lets see how good the power of social networking truly is and save these dogs! Event will be held Saturday July 27th from 10-4 at Manatee County Animal Services 305  25 Street West Palmetto, Florida  34221 941-742-5933See More

Pet Blogs United Please Give Them a Look See! about, by or for pets & animals.

 I love this blog and follow it now! Please follow them for a  visit with others who love our non human souls! Featuring one of my favorite blogs—— Dogs N Paws

Dogs N Paws ~ Featured Blogger

Today we get to introduce you to Lisa & the gang at Dogs N Paws.



I Love Me A Service Dog!

One year later: Aimee Copeland gets a therapy labradoodle

Jul 01, 2013 12:11 PM EDT

Monday, July 1, 2013 12:11 PM ESTUpdated:
Jul 01, 2013 12:11 PM EDT

Monday, July 1, 2013 12:11 PM EST

By NBC News

Aimee Copeland bonded with her new therapy dog, a 1-year-old labradoodle named Belle, this weekend at her home in Snellville, GA. NBC photoAimee Copeland bonded with her new therapy dog, a 1-year-old labradoodle named Belle, this weekend at her home in Snellville, GA. NBC photo

(NBC) – A year after flesh-eating bacteria stole her hands, feet and entire right leg, Aimee Copeland is getting some extra help with her recovery: a therapy labradoodle named Belle.
The breed is a little unusual for a service dog, but it’s one of the few that Copeland can tolerate with her allergies. Belle is being trained specifically for Copeland, and the dog will eventually be able to help Copeland with tasks like opening doors, fetching food out of the fridge or picking up things from the floor.

RELATED LINK | Aimee Copeland’s website
“It’s just so much more difficult now, dropping things on the ground all the time, needing assistance, and I spend a lot of time here alone, so Belle’s going to be a great help to me, and just be a really nice companion,” Copeland says.
Copeland, the Georgia graduate student who made national headlines last year when she contracted the bacteria after a zip-lining accident, met the dog for the first time this weekend, at her home in Snellville, GA. Belle has helped Copeland with a few tasks already, like helping her get out of her wheelchair and onto a workout platform. The dog will be with Copeland permanently in Snellville at the end of July.
For now, the 1-year-old Belle is still in training, with the Psychiatric Service Dog Academy, located in Cocoa, FL. Crystal Callahan Ayala, the owner and lead trainer for the service dog training group, took Belle to meet Copeland this weekend, and says the dog was donated from a breeder. Ayala says Belle is full of energy, but very sweet.
After meeting Belle, Copeland said, “I was just overwhelmed. She’s perfect. She’s so sweet, and has a very sweet disposition, very calm, and that was definitely important to me. And I was just amazed at how beautiful she was. So I definitely could not have asked for a better dog.”

PREVIOUS STORY | Aimee Copeland to tell her story

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Pop-Up Post: Puppy Perpetrator

This is so sad could of been prevented. Remember proplr who kill and torture animals will advance to humans.

gnostic bent

I was hesitant to write about this story—which is very disturbing, especially to animal lovers—but I could not resist since it further illustrates just how sick and demented our fellow humans can be.

Thomas Elliot Huggins—a 25-year-old man from Tampa, Florida—was just arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty. And when you hear what he did, I’m sure you will agree that he deserves the maximum penalty by law.

Last Thursday, one of Huggins’ family members called the police to report him for strangling a puppy, chopping it into pieces and cooking its ribs in a pot on the stove.

When the cops arrived, they discovered the puppy’s ribs exactly where they were told, its head in the trash can and its quartered meat stored in the freezer, presumably for future meals.

Huggins was promptly arrested and animal control officers collected the puppy’s remains for proper disposal.

It’s hard…

View original post 146 more words