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Suncoast Humane Society Of Englewood, Fl. Needs Food For Its Pet Pantry I Bet Your Favorite Pet Rescue Does Too!

Please check your local pet rescue and see if you can help the pantry that gives food to those going thru a tough time and need the help so they can hang on to their four-legged family members. The Suncoast Humane Society will take any kind soft or hard any manufacturer! Purina, and  or generic just unopened! Maybe you could go to a Pet Food site and print off  a coupon and buy something your shelter needs! Those of you who have lost a dear four-legged family member if you have any un opened food please give it in their honor if you can.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    $1.00 off   

 Example on the Purina site that has a coupon.

when you buy any ONE (1) package of Fancy Feast® Gourmet Dry Cat Food, any variety

Fancy Feast®

when you buy any ONE (1) package of Fancy Feast® Gourmet


So True! Please Support Great Causes and Rescues on concreteforacause Seller ID On Ebay.

William eBay

William eBay (Photo credit: Wikipedia) TRUE!

see concreteforacause Id on Ebay

Cat In The Hat? No Cat On The Head! Instead of Cap, Baker Puts Cat On Graduates Head! Laugh Of The Day!

PBAKER PUTS CAT ON HEAD NOT GRAD CAP                                                                                                                                           see concreteforacause

on Ebay to help rescues and great causes! Hey Laura this is worth it for all the fame you will get – thank the silly baker and get ready for your facebook page and cell phone to be very busy! Cat on the Head instead of cap best cake ever! Dr. Seuss could not have done a better job!

Create a Memorial Garden and Benefit a Rescue and We Let You Choose The Rescue! Please like us on Facebook at Concrete for a Cause !

Purchase stones for your memorial garden

Purchase stones for your memorial garden


When you a dopt you save a soul please purchase on EBAY  ID NAME seller is concreteforacause  then part of purchase thru Mission fish goes to that rescue, or suggest a new one and that percentage will go to them. It is easy to set up a rescue to receive funds.

Canine Officer Says Goodbye To His Partner Who Was Ambushed! Picture Shows Grief! Please! Please Don’t Ever Say That Animals Do Not Grieve! Donate To Save A Vet

Fido pays respects to his partner

Save a Vet reach them at above link!

Senior Cats, How To Care For Them! I Love Rescues Who Care For Senior Cats and Sick Cats Most Rescues Will Not Accept! Like Puffy Paws Of Englewood, Fl. My Home Town, Please Support Them !!!

100_0941SENIOR CAT RESCUEAmerican Profile Magazine’s article this weekend. link

TOGETHER SHAPING THE FUTURE ONE DAY AT A TIME Crunching numbers over here at Puffy Paws. Due to the hard economic times and at the same time …