A Little TLC Goes A Long Way! Great Coffee To Help Save Souls! Started by Sasha B. Furr, this Small Rescue Goes A Long Way!! There are Thousands Of Pet Rescues In Our Country Ran By Individuals, Families, Or Just A few Volunteers, Look For One In Your Community, and Help One- PLEASE!

Bernardwww.alittletlc.com please buy some coffee to help this great rescue. Sasha B. Furr, You are one great legged soul saving four legged soul. I love your name if every person would do one thing to help!!! How great the world would be if each person who was able did something to help small rescues who do not have huge fundraisers. Sasha B. Furr I love you, sincerly Patsy McCaw-Yager


Bernard was left at a shelter when he was 20 years old.

He was taken into an experienced foster home.

He had stopped eating.

Then, he stopped drinking.

He went into liver failure and was put to sleep.

This is the not uncommon tale of many senior cats who are left at shelters. Bernard was lucky, actually, because he went to a foster home. Most don’t.

I don’t know anything about his prior family, the excuse for surrender to the shelter just said “allergies.”

Senior cats often do not cope well with losing their family. When taken to a shelter they not only lose their family, but are placed in a noisy, strange, environment where nothing is familiar. Many cats react to stress by not eating and not using the litter box. Some cats will adjust to their suroundings, but the older the cat the less likely they are to adjust. Many, like Bernard, just grieve themselves to death.

Bernard did not understand what happened to him and there was no way to explain it to him. One day he was


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