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Dennis Tyler Finds Homes for More Than 7,000 Retired Greyhounds, By Emily Evans and Kristen Mascia , Purchase Pet Memorial Stone, “If Love Could of Saved You” To Benefit Greyhounds!

The Greyhounds of the Comte de Choiseul

The Greyhounds of the Comte de Choiseul (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I can not even imagine how someone can save over seven thousand greyhounds, but Dennis Tyler and his wife Claire, did just that and were honored as hero’s among us! God bless your work! THANKYOU!!!e have done just that. People Magazine, honors Dennis with its “heros among us’.

Item View your listing: If Love Could Have Saved You Memorial Adult Baby or Dogs For The Deaf donation – 130833928276 Purchase on Ebay to rescue, care for, and adoption of retired greyhounds.